Commerzbank Click and Trade

Development of Commercial to launch new online trading platform

Commerzbank is one of the largest banks in the world with a presence in over 50 countries. Commerzbank approached us for help to launch their new trading platform, Click and Trade FX. As a conservative brand with a long history and a fairly inflexible approach to new ideas, their London brand manager knew that producing something really different would be tough to get over the line, but she trusted us to help her sell a new approach.

We put several concepts together but the one that landed was to create highly conceptual interpretations of each of their 6 brand values: Strategic, Responsive, Intelligent, Focused, Intuitive, Innovative.

Working with one of London’s top DoPs, we shot the film in our studio in East London over 2 days. Graded into the steel blues of Commerzbank’s brand, and with a custom-produced soundtrack, we are proud of the finished piece.

Project highlights:

  • Delivery of high production-value commercial on time and budget
  • Concept work and storyboarding pushing the brand in exciting new direction
  • Photo-realistic 3D sequences